Weekly Meal Plan for 4-13 to 4-19

Weekly Meal Plan for 4-13 to 4-19

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Spring has finally arrived where I live. I think we can remove the winter protector guards from our outside water faucets now. I didn’t think spring would EVER arrive this year! With the arrival of spring and the Easter holiday, I have some meals incorporated this week that I really shouldn’t be having BUT…… I’m having. I try to stay away from grains more now and there are some in these dinner meals. I will just need to get back on track next week though! Hold me accountable folks. Here’s this week’s meal plan:

Thursday, 4-13: Chicken Enchiladas served with shredded lettuce, cilantro & lime (to omit some carbs, this stuffing could be cooked then served in lettuce wraps)

Friday, 4-14: Crock Pot Potato Soup (I know it’s a winter meal, but you know… it’s potatoes) *Topped with chives and cilantro

Saturday, 4-15: Grilled Thin Chicken Breasts (no sauce), Grilled Zucchini with Sliced Red Onion & Halved Cherry Tomatoes

Sunday, 4-16: (EASTER MEAL)  Brown Sugar Honey Ham *I add to the glaze/sauce some orange zest and juice as well*, Steamed Green Beans, Steamed Carrots, Mashed Potatoes for my boys

Monday, 4-17: Grilled Steak (no sauce), Grilled Peppers & Sliced Red Onion, Baked Sweet Potato with Clarified Butter (Baked Steak fries for my boys)

Tuesday, 4-18: Leftovers

Wednesday, 4-19: Tuscan Chicken Simmer (instead of the cheese blend I’ll be using freshly grated parmesan cheese) Served over Squash ribbons with Grape Tomatoes for us (over spaghetti noodles for my boys)


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